Need to sleep. Back to work tomorrow. Didn't get everything I wanted to get done today accomplished. Oh well. Two 12 hour shifts then I'm off for 3 days. I will catch up then.

Ever considered giving users the ability to add location data to their toots? I saw it was suggested on GitHub. I used to use Swarm (Foursquare) which aggregated to Twitter. Didn't like giving a big business my data though and stopped. I feel a little more comfortable doing something like that on my instance and would love to have the ability.

Our house got smaller by four people tonight. My son, his fiance and our two grandkids got their own place after living with us for a year and a half. Happy for them but my heart is broken a little.

Going to be adding some more bots to today. I already created bots for The Columbus Indiana News Project @cbusnews and TWiT @TWiT

Finally sitting down to watch the Star Trek Discovery season finale.

⚠️ Federation Update ⚠️

We have identified several issues with remote following and the network timeline. The issues require significant refactoring and will take some time.

In the current state, we do not feel full federation meets the standards of the community.

We are delaying the release until May 17th or later.


I thrive off adrenaline. I need to feel like I'm making a difference. I miss the hunt. I miss the chase. My mental and physical health are declining. My personal life is starting to fall apart because of it. Something has got to change.

Now in my current role serve a community by keeping order in a jail. Most of the time there is absolutely nothing to do. I spend hours surfing the web or watching TV or movies. It pays great and the benefits are good. Some would say we have it made. I'm struggling though.

A year ago I was protecting a company's assets and preventing loss by apprehending shoplifters and watching for internal theft. I was making a difference. I was constantly busy. Since all I was armed with was a set of cuffs, no weapons or even protective gear I had to be on top of my game so I could get the 'bad guy' while not getting hurt.

After five months of working 3rd shift my family still doesn't get that I need sleep at some point during the day time in order to function. 🤷‍♂️ 😴

Here's a new episode of This Week in Google 504 Gelato in Perugia With Craig | TWiT.TV | Subscribe so you don't miss a podcasts.

Me and the youngest grandson decided to enjoy the sunshine and walked for about an hour. Well he's not even two yet so I kinda decided for him. More rain is supposed to be here tomorrow. 😒

My home office is being invaded by other people's stuff and home renovation tools.

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